Here are a few samples of the harrasment that Kildare endures almost every day.  These are just a few samples that the offerenders have posted of themselves.

Warning:  Some of the language is quite graphic. 




Below are a few videos the owners have captured.

Warning:  Some of the language is quite graphic.

This SUV sat in front of Kildare and blew the horn over and over.  Like many of the others, they wanted to make sure someone came out to video them.  Why do they not understand the purpose of the video is to have ample evidence to turn over to the police?  For their finale, they chose to back over the landscaping.  Notice how the passenger wants to make sure she captures everything with her smart phone. 

The video below is one captured by the owner back in January of 2011.  Yes, the problems have been going on that long.  The same vehicles had been there numerous times throughout the evening.  It all started around 8:00 PM.  The owner tried to ignore them, but finally went outside when they returned around 11:00 PM.  The video shows what happened.  Keep in mind this was a Thursday night (school/work day) and the boys you see are all under 18.  That was discovered when the police arrived. WARNING: the language in this video is extremely graphic.  The mother of the three young girls that lived across the street had a lot of explaining to do that night.  That family eventually moved to get get away from the constant harassment that created an unsafe environment for the kids.  The mother has told her story to the city council multiple times.

This video was captured on Memorial Day of 2013.